Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Lewisville

Zombie gave me a shout to fish and hang with a few friend at Lake Lewisville yesterday. I took him up on the offer, and am glad I did. We had a great time out on the lake. We marked a ton of sand bass on the fish finders. But they seemed a little hesitant to grab our hooks. But I still had fun spending the time on the lake with so many kayakers. Not sure how many their were total of us out there. I'm guessing 7-8.It's the first time I've fished that many people together in kayaks before. It was pretty dang cool.

I've been playing around with videos here lately. I've never tried this before so lets hope that this works....

Playsport/cart test

I purchased a Kodak playsport the other day. I haven't had much time to see what it is capable of doing yet. But so far I think it's a cool little camera. I really am liking the video quality it has. That, and the capability of underwater videos, will lend itself well to make some pretty cool videos in the future.
I also found a place that makes a kayak mount that attaches the camera to a extendable rod. I thinking it's going to be pretty sweat. I hooked the camera up to the mount on the kayak and headed to the lake with the new cart. I thought I would turn it on to see what the video looked like. it's pretty shaky because of the trail I'm walking on, but the camera still has pretty good quality.