Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anglers Pro Tackle

Ray Bob 5-5-11

Trailer project

It seems the older I get the more I find myself looking for a easier way of doing things.
Well, I've been hauling my kayaks in the back of my truck for awhile now.And my back feels it at the end of the day. I started thinking there just has to be a easier way.
I've seen these elaborate kayak trailers built before. But I set my goal to create a trailer that was simple, and that could be used for other uses.
I found a trailer on craigslist for cheap.

Here's the two kayaks on the trailer for the first time to size things up.

I got a sheet of treated plywood for a floor.

I then got a 4x6 treated post that I cut down for the kayaks sit ride up on. I cut a couple saddles in the 4x6's for the kayaks to sit.

I had to add a couple new tires, new lights, and then off to get her registered.
I then laid carpet on the wood.

Well that's where I am so far. I'm far from being done with her. But For right now It's a simple usable trailer to haul my kayaks.
I'll be posting updates, but right now It's time to head to the lake with them.

RR on a windy day

"My Ride" 2011 Hobie Outback