Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Dallas boat show

The 2012 Dallas boat show has just wrapped up and what a show it was. If the amount of people showing up at the show asking questions about kayaking is any sign of things to come, kayaking is in for a bright future.

When Your placed across the isle from these huge high dollar beasts, selling a kayak is a easy sell.

Or so it seems anyway. The totals aren't totally in but it looks like Mariner Kayak sold around 35 kayaks or so.

I got to sneak away and catch some very cool seminars while I was there.

I was able to make some really cool friends while I was at the show too. ;)

I was truly blessed this weekend to meet some great people. I even had a brief glance at our future anglers.
I bet there were some special memories made here at the catfish tank.
At times things did get a little silly.
But it was great to make new friends and hanging out with old ones.

Steve Oxford doing what he does best.

The Mariner Kayak's booth looked like this most of the weekend. Next year is going to demand more space. It was crazy crowded!!

My PA was decked out with a ton of great products from I got just about as many questions about the rigging as I did the kayak. And I got a TON of questions about the PA.

I had a great time sharing time with people that wanted to get in to kayaking. Or that just wanted to shoot the bull about setting up their rigs. I'm looking forward to the next show