Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well we loaded up the kayaks and hit the road at 2:30 in the morning to head for Lake fork. I thought I would be ready to hit the floor running but I was dragging bad when my feet finally found the floor. I've always loved this lake but I just haven't done well fishing her.I have to tell ya it was a looong 3hour drive.I went down there this time with my youngest son David and a couple more kayaking buddies, Brent and Tom.
We hit the water about 5:30. It was dark still so I didn't get any pictures until the sun started hitting the trees a few minutes later. There just isn't anything better then seeing a sunrise while on the water.

The early morning top water bite seemed to be tapering off as we put in the kayaks. David was throwing a spook when he ran in to this poor shad.

I hung in to a pretty good bass with a frog but she threw the lure before I could get her back to the kayak.

The cool morning darkness gave away to a scorching sun. However it seemed to turn the fish on to a little deeper bite. As it did we caught a couple swimmers.

Then it got warm. I mean real warm.

The day heating up wasn't all a bad thing though. It caused the bass to hit the structure in deeper water.
Brent caught the first nice size one.

I couldn't allow him to have all the fun so a couple minutes later I caught a chunk myself.

Tom hung in to a monster but she came to the surface and threw the lure :(

But just a few minutes later he redeemed himself with another fat ole' big.

David fished hard but only managed to get one more bass. But it was a very nice one none the less.

This was a really great day for me. I have been there a few times but haven't got into fish like i have today. Here's a couple more of what I was blessed with.

I saw some really great sign out there too. :)

At the end of the day we all caught great bass. I had to get off the water at 2:00 but I had a blast while I was there. I made two new friends and got to fish another day with my son. And to add to that, I got to see the sun come up one more time "While on the water"

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