Saturday, January 7, 2012

I won a Go Pro 2

WHHOooo... Hooooo... I won a Go Pro2 camera from fishing the tournament series over on

I can't wait to get the two Go Pro camera's out on the kayak together. It should really open up a lot of new doors on doing videos. I've been playing around with different video editing software lately.. Hopefully soon I will find a good compromise between easy of use and a good price. I'll be calling Luther over at Yak Attack   to see what he has that I'll be able to mount the two cameras on one head. 
To be continued.....................



    What's the main difference between the original GoPro and the new GoPro 2? I recently got a regular GoPro, just wanting to know what i'm misssing out on haha

  2. Austin I'm sure your not going to hear this but there are a ton of new stuff on the GP2.
    2x's sharper lens,11MP compared the the 5MP or the original,10 photos in 1 sec compared to 3 photos in 1 sec. Camera control via smartphone...The list goes on..........
    But the original GP is still a great camera. I have both and like the original a lot.