Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall get together at Mariner Sails

Well the fall get together was held this weekend. This year the tournament had to be called off because of the high winds. It's always a tough call to have to call off a tournament but the safety of the kayakers has to come first. We didn't have quite the attendance as we had hopped for but it was a great gathering of good people.
Here's a couple pictures from outside :

My Outback set up to show the new YAK ATTACK equipment.

Robbie was there to give out samples of X-Cite baits.
 Inside the store Mike, and Aris setting up.
 Aris was working hard to get everything set up and it certainly showed. The store looked great.

A few shots from inside Mariner Sails. They have a great selection of Kayaks, and rigging options.

I was very happy to hear Aris announce that Hobie had excepted me on to the "Hobie Fishing Team"
 Some of the goodies from Mariner and Hobie for being on the team.
 Everyone standing around my next ride. The Hobie Pro Angler. Hopefully soon I'll be able to able to use this platform to fish in tournaments across Texas.

We had a great time at the get together. Josh announced he would be hosting a new bass fishing tournament in 2012 called the North Texas Kayak Trail. Three tournaments held at Ray Roberts, Lake Fork, and Lake Grapevine.
I'm very excited to be able to fish both the North Texas Kayak Bass Tournaments and the South Texas "Kayak Angler tournament Series" or K.A.T.S. this year. I'll have to get my truck tuned up because this year she will be doing some sight seeing..........
***Just a special thanks to Mike, and Aris from Mariner Sales for helping me get on the Hobie Fishing Team. They worked hard to make this happen and I certainly appreciate their efforts. I'm sure this will open a lot more doors for me in the future to work towards the goals I have set for Bass fishing in a Kayak. Thanks guys!!!!

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