Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Texoma in December

 A few friends and I decide to take a trip to lake Texoma to chase stripers this last weekend. As we loaded up the kayaks for just a brief moment,,,, I questioned my sanity.

When we put in at the boat ramp it was 29 degrees.. Below freezing out on a kayak in a huge lake. What was I thinking..........

It turned out to be a great day though. It warmed up to 50degrees and about a 5MPH north breeze. We had 10-11 Kayakers out this time.

It was great to be out with so many fellow kayak fisherman at one time. I hope this next coming year this number grows.

We covered a lot of water but just couldn't connect with any stripers. Well I take that back. Zombie did catch ONE monster!!

It didn't seem to matter though. We just paddled around the lake and sometimes we didn't even have a rod out the rod holders. Just chatting and enjoying the sunny skies and what God had given us that day.

We did pull up to some rocks on the bank and saw a pair of foxes sunbathing.

This was the first time for me to be out in my new Pro Angler.

It didn't matter that I only was able to catch just one drum for the whole time I was out there.

It was a joy to be peddling around and getting use to my new ride. Hobie hit one out of the ballpark with the Pro Angler. This is one awesome ride!!! :)

At one point I just stopped peddling. I paused and looked around................I took a moment to soak in the sun, the lake, and the day.  I saw that I was surrounded by so many great friends and realized I truly am a blessed man! Thank you God.

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