Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ok so I've been extremely busy here lately and unfortunately fishing has had to take the back seat to life's demands on my time. I've done some adjusting and will soon have more time to spend on the hobby I so love.   
Recently I have picked up a fly rod combo from TFO and joined a local Fly Fishing Club. I needed a rod/reel combo to take the abuse I'll be given them while chasing the bass and carp here on Texas lakes I fish. I picked up a TFO Mini-Mag 8/10 with a BVK 3 reel. I'm just a beginner fly fisherman but have great people from the club are helping me with a jump start in picking my equipment.
I can see the draw to Fly Fishing gear. This Fly Fishing combo from TFO is nothing short of a work of art. I can't wait to get them to the water.

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