Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lake Naconiche

I took a fishing trip down to Lake Naconiche with three friends this weekend. It's a newly opened lake that the TPWD has been working on for some 50 yrs. It was a pretty neat little lake at 692 acres with heavy timber, lots of laydowns and great amounts of grass. I was invited to come down and fish by new friend and fellow Hobie fishing team member Alan Sladek.
He was drawn in to fish the lake early and I was fortunate to be one of his 3 guest. As we unloaded the kayaks a cold front was blowing in and dropping temps down some 20degrees .
 Having high temps in the lower 80's was a nice change from the 102-104 degrees the week before. It was very comfortable to be out there on the water but the fish didn't so impressed with the weather changes.
 It was pretty slow for most of the day. However the fishing did seem to pick up the last two or three hours of the day. We all caught between 10-20 bass each ranging from 4" to 21".
 Although I caught bass on wacky rigged senkos,Texas rigged senkos, various plastics, and cranks, the lure to have tied on that day was a spinnerbait.
 I had a great time on the 5 hour road trip with Alan,Tom, and Rob just as much as being on the lake fishing. The lake will produce some nice bass in the next couple month for sure. After the flood of people slows down I would really like to return maybe late in the year.

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