Friday, December 7, 2012

Gary Yamamoto's "SUGOI LAKES" with the Hoovers

Well yesterday was my birthday and I couldn't think of a better way then to spend it fishing with good friend Chad Hoover, his son Austin, and Jeremy Meier. I got the pleasure to fish one of the SUGOI LAKES owned by Gary Yamamoto.   "SUGOI LAKES"
I usually take a ton of cameras with me and take a lot of pictures on my fishing trips but this was a different trip from the norm. I spent most of the day just enjoying the lake and cutting up with friends that share the same kayak fishing passion that I do. We fished from 7am until and 3:30 and each of us caught over 100 fish each.
This place is unbelievable. Tons of fish and absolutely beautiful rolling hills out in the Texas post oak wildlife district.
When I die this is the type of place I want my ashes sprinkled. Please don't get me wrong.....I love people, but sometimes you need to get away for a walk in the woods, or a paddle in the kayak..

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